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New Dimension Contracting SPC
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  1.  Messengers Supply
    Messengers Supply
    We can provide your business with dependable and experienced day manpower supply. Our staff performs a multitude of tasks and will keep your facility spotless.
  2. Window Cleaning
    Window Cleaning
    Get a fresh new look at your surroundings through clean and clear windows. Let us implement a professional window cleaning program for your facility.
  3. Structure Cleaning
    Structure Cleaning
    Our Outer Structure Cleaning & commercial window cleaning services run the gamut from window washing to removal of oxidation and more.
  4. Industrial Cleaning
    Industrial Cleaning
    We provide an extensive range of Industrial Cleaning solutions. These Industrial Cleaning solutions are catered to handle every aspect of Industrial Plant Cleaning.
  5. Office Cleaning
    Office Cleaning
    Let our staff customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual needs and your budget. Whether you require daily office cleaning, weekly or monthly service.
  6. Pest Control
    Pest Control
    We have more than 20 years experience in the pest control industry. Regardless if it is birds, bees, or roaches, we use the best chemical solutions available in the market.
  7. Landscaping Service
    Landscaping Service
    We design and execute private gardens for residential and commercial premises, our services includes designing and building gardens.
  8. Electrician Supply
    Electrician Supply
    Replaces and repairs wiring and power replaces, repairs, and may install conduit, junction boxes, switches, circuit breakers, and replacing other small electrical items
  9. Plumber Supply
    Plumber Supply
    Maintains and repairs pipes, fittings, and fixtures; operates and maintains pumps and water treatment systems, hot and cold water systems and similar components, water sprinklers, irrigation systems